Detailed Cosmetic History - From Ancient to Modern Cosmetics

Even though thousands upon thousands of cosmetic products surround us every day, it was not always like that. Journey of cosmetics trough history was not a smooth one, and in few moments it seemed it would totally disappear from public use. Find out how and why.

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History of Cosmetics

History of cosmetics spans the entire length of modern human history. We always want to make ourselves look better, honor the gods, and make ourselves part of a society. Cosmetics allowed us to do so, and here you can find out exactly how.

Ancient Rome and Cosmetics

Cosmetic in Ancient Rome

Rome managed to build for itself large empire that reached to the edges of known world. With access to vast resources and trade routes to neighboring civilizations, Rome quickly became enchanted with cosmetic products of all types. Find out more.

Ancient Egypt and Cosmetics

Cosmetic in Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt is without a doubt birthplace of cosmetics. After incredible advances during several millennia, their influences can be seen even today in our modern fashion. Here you can find more about their way of life and their incredible use of cosmetics.

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Cosmetics in the 1920s

Early 20th century will remain remembered as one of the most exciting times in the history of the cosmetics. During those years, countless innovators introduced many new products to the market, enabling radical change in our fashion styles and society.

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Cosmetics in the 1970s

After roaring 20s, worldwide fashion stabilized into safe style that was embraced by both older and younger female population. However, 70s brought big shifts that forever changed modern fashion with hippie movement, punk and glam.

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Cosmetic Timeline

Timeline of cosmetics is filled with interesting events. Sometimes those events have small effects, and sometimes they caused great shifts in our culture and fashion… and here, you can witness them all.

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