Types of MakeUp Products

Over the last 100 years, cosmetic products received their renaissance that was fueled with rapid inventions and fast fashion changes. With thousands upon thousands of products on the market, cosmetic and makeup can be divided in several distinct types. Here they are:

Powders – Most common and easily to use form of makeup. They started being used in ancient civilizations of Egypt and Mesopotamia, and their modern day counterparts are not that different. Fine powder that is grinded up from raw materials is today used to both make us pretty and to help us with various skin diseases.

Gels – Gels are thick liquid substances that are today used in many cosmetic products, such as shampoos, body washes, shaving products and toothpastes.

Suspensions – This type of cosmetic products is used to overcome or remove incompatible ingredients in other products. They are transparent with sometimes visible particles. Sunscreen, shampoos, and hand washes are examples of Suspensions.

Makeup Types

Sticks – Some cosmetic products such as lipsticks and underarm deodorant are best used if we cannot touch them directly with our hand. Because of that, they are packaged in solid containers that can be opened and then applied to the body by rubbing it against the skin.

Ointments/ Pastes – These cosmetic products are extremely thick, and are often used to protect or heal skin and hair. They usually don’t contain any water in them, and can be very sticky and greasy to the touch.

Lotions – Lotions are less greasy than ointments and pastes, and can be used in many situations where they can’t. They are not greasy and sticky, which enables them to be quickly and easily applied to the skin. Most common examples of lotions are skin moisturizers and sunscreens.

Capsules/tablets/cakes – Many cosmetic products are made in the form of powder that is pressed and molded into desired form that can be latter be applied to the face with brushes and paint sticks. Usualy eye shadow, cheek shadow and other face powders are packaged into this form.

Primers, foundations and concealers –Concealers are the products (powders or pastes) that are used to mask irregularities of the skin, such as pores, discolorations, pigment spots, and injuries and blemishes. Primers and foundations on the other hand are used to prepare skin to better absorb and hold longer other cosmetic products.

Also, makeup products can be distinguished by their area of application:

Lips - Lipsticks, lip gloss, lip liner, lip plumper, lip balm, lip conditioner, lip primer, lip boosters.

Types of Cosmetics

EyesMascara, mascara primer, eye shadows, eye primers, eyelash glue, eyelash curler

Eyebrows - eyebrow pencils, creams, waxes, gels and powders

NailsNail polish, nail gloss

Face – face powders, foundations, primers, concealers, blush powder, bronzer, setting spray, contour powder/cream

Makeup Types
Types of Cosmetics
Matting Fluid Cosmetics
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